Service Day & Time

We work Monday through Friday. Our crews are assigned a specific route to follow so you will notice they typically come around the same time each day. As we add customers, the time may change so we cannot specify a certain time. If we have a weather delay, we will come the following day.

Gates & Pets

For customers who lock their gates we have a few options. First, you can unlock your gate on your specified mowing day and your backyard will be mowed. We cannot come back to mow if the gate was locked. Secondly, if you have a combination lock you can give us the combination, we will mow the backyard, and lock it back up when we are finished. We will not carry keys for locks due to the chance of them getting lost.  Pets are generally not a problem and our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we cannot guarantee that your pet will not escape and you accept our landscaping services with this provision.

Property Damage

Our crews are trained and take special care not to damage any property. If there is property damage please notify us immediately. Most damage is done to drain pipes or worn out sprinkler heads not retracting. Please make note of where the sprinkler head is and we will be out to repair it promptly. We will not be responsible for any repairs done without our knowledge.


Contact us at least one day prior to your next scheduled service. We do not offer SAME DAY cancellations.  If you decide to cancel before the five trip minimum than your card will be charged at $45 per trip or the five trip minimum whichever is less.


We stand behind all of our work. If you feel something was not done properly, notify us within the 24 hours of service and we will come back either the same day or the next day to correct the problem. If you contact our office several days after your last service, we will note the issue and our manager will address with the crew supervisor to discuss what might have occurred.  We do ask for timely communication here so we can address the issue as soon as possible.  After several days the grass will have grown so determining the cause of the problem can be impossible as too much time has passed.