At College Fund Landscaping our design process is simple. First, we listen closely to our clients desires, needs, personal landscaping tastes, maintenance preferences, and wishes. Then, we complete an assessment of the property where we determine sunlight variances throughout the property, soil health and quality, and any areas with special needs such as areas with erosion. Next, if necessary we will complete a detailed drawing of a landscape design plan architected to the fullest detail. And last, we walk you through the design plan to help assure your satisfaction.

With our floriculture expertise, we can guide you in the proper environmental placement and care of your plants, trees, and shrubbery. From the very start we maximize a healthy establishment for your plants to reduce replacement in the future.

Moreover, with our experience and expertise in the field of landscape construction, our design team can also guide you during the design process of your hardscapes, water features, and other permanent structures by introducing you to a variety of building materials that will help you to obtain the outdoor living spaces, hardscape features, and other outdoor constructed areas and features that will fall into your established budget and your long-term maintenance needs.