Hi it's Matt Davis here College Fund Landscaping. I'm going to show you a quick use on how to properly use a weed mat. Here we're doing some hardscaping some river rock in a new flowerbed. A lot of homeowners asked us to put weed mats inside their flowerbed I do not recommend that. What happens is the mulch will break down over time then you'll get a layer of dirt on top of your flower bed or on top of your weed mat then you'll have weeds growing on that and it's very difficult to maintain because you can't get your hand trowel in there and you'll end up tearing up your weed mat so it's kind of a waste of money. There's just maintenance involved in flowerbeds you have to hand weed them but for hardscaping areas decomposed granite River Rock. We definitely recommend putting a weed mat down there's no organic materials that are going to break down and create a layer of dirt on top of it so it's a perfect application so that's what we've got here we've got in the weed mat put down we're going to put the river rock and I can walk you over to the other side kind of show you what it looks like as a finished product. If you just bear with me for 10 seconds we'll get you to the other side. See the team here is putting down some sod for this area this is a caught there in the wire here's our finished product we're still going to put a layer over a chopped stone here in front but I just wanted to show you that we do have the weed mat down underneath here but there's no organic materials to break down so this general thumb weed mat so great for hardscaping. Do not recommend them for flowerbeds. Have you any questions or comments? Give us a call or shoot us an email. Thanks.