As our Operations Manager, Nathan is an integral member of the College Fund Landscaping family and has made a big impression on his colleagues and customers alike.

Nathan joined us in December last year after working in the oil field. In the past 12 months, he has helped with purchasing, repairs, and customer queries, and implemented training strategies for current and future employees. As Operations Manager, Nathan is almost always the first one at the shop in the morning and works closely with Matt and the crews to keep things running smoothly. 

When Nathan isn’t working you’ll find him exploring the great outdoors in his kayak, or spending time with his family. He has three kids - two boys aged 13 and 8, and a daughter, aged 7, and says having children young helped shape his work ethic.

Nathan and his family

Born in Texas and raised in Michigan, Nathan has worked his way up through various roles since leaving school and has traveled all over the US. Since 2016 he has lived in Hawaii, Vegas, California, Virginia, and of course, Texas. Despite his globe-trotting tendencies, Nathan says that Texas feels most like home. Much of his extended family live here, and the weather keeps him smiling through all four seasons. 

Nathan is also passionate about helping children who have lost parents, or who are tangled up in the judicial system. Over the next five years, he would love to start a nonprofit that helps affected kids learn life skills and connects them with positive role models. 

When it comes to quality, we can always count on Nathan to deliver. We are grateful for his, dedication, workmanship, and great sense of humor. So if you see Nathan around the shop, give him a wave, and ask him about how he learned Japanese!



PS: If you’d like a free consultation about your property we can help. We understand it’s still a bit worrisome to meet in person, so we are happy to walk the lawn without you or do it virtually. Let us know your preference by responding to this email.