Hi everyone, Matt Davis College Fund Landscaping here. I'm over at a house in Plano we're gonna be doing a sod estimate for this customer or potential customer but they had a couple trees removed and they and i kind of wanted to talk about that. We get a lot of questions about this from leads and in customers so I'm gonna put the phone around and to kind of show you what we see. Well it's kind of hard to see from this angle but you can kind of see there's a there's a divot to divots so there's one tree was removed and and there's another one there and then you'll see what happens is you've got these little clumps that come up and what that is is old you know mushrooms that are actually growing and eating the old organic matter. So what happens when a tree is removed is you know the tree gets killed it will end up decomposing over the period of probably six to six months to a year and then it'll what will happen is you'll see a cavity form and so because what happens to the mushrooms eat the old organic material they're kind of nature's de composers creates a cavity in the in the lawn and then the grass and sod and everything will sink down. So that's normal for any of you have a tree removed so I do recommend if you are having a tree removed. Don't sod it right away because if you do you're gonna end up having it sink in you're gonna have to back fill it with dirt so what you're gonna want to do is have the stump ground out, wait six months maybe a year and then add some soil and then you can sort it out and be level. So if you have any questions, just let us know.