Hi everyone it's a Matt Davis College Fund Landscaping here. Right here at Wylie Texas inspiration subdivisions. Doing a stone border so it's kind of wanted to show you the process of what we got going on. So we're gonna be doing a looters top border with a brick topper now the guys are working on the background so I'm sorry if you can't hear me real well but I'll kind of show you what what we got going on. So first what we do is we dig out a trench then we install concrete and re bar footer so that will allow the actual border to stay in real well see they're set in the concrete now see we put some re bar down in there to help that stability of the actual border. Here's the chop block looters that we'll be setting in and you can see here this gentleman is actually cutting the brick. So we'll do a half half brick topper on it four over here so here's the beds preps we're kind of doing a higher bed and a separate lower bed over here so that's kind of the process of how to do a stone border. One thing you notice here is this house they've actually got Nicotine and Austin stone on the house. A lot of people want to put that same stone on the ground I don't recommend that it's kind of a porous stone it works well as veneers for houses but when you put it in the stone and look on the ground you have to seal it constantly. Once every year once every two years or water will get in it'll turn green and crack so that's something to keep in mind when you're doing don't work choosing a dense stone so you can really see the stone here the looters that we recommend is a very similar color as the actual Austin. So the questions about some works or landscape design or anything else, just let us know. Thanks.