Hi this is Matt Davis College Fund Landscaping. I'm going to show you a quick tutorial on how to properly get a pot above-ground irrigated. First of all what you want to do is put gravel on the bottom of the pot. This helps drain the water that gets in there otherwise you can drain the plant or drown the plant. Next, you saw I put this weed mat down. As weed mat separates your dirt from your gravel allows keeps it from that hole in the bottom of the pot from clogging up. If you don't have a hole in the bottom pot you got to drill one in there or you'll drown your plants. Third thing you want to do is have your drip irrigation. We recommend putting at a separate zone a completely separate zone that way you can water your plants daily. These pots get really hot flowers annuals need a lot of water so we come to a separate zone you can water them as needed. So that's a quick little tutorial on how to do it. We'll try and post more videos on how to so check us out and give us a call or email if you have any questions. Thanks a lot, bye.