Hi it's Matt Davis here College Fund Landscaping. I'm gonna show you how to prep a flower bed for new landscape. Here we're doing in the backyard in Plano so I'm gonna spin the camera around let you see what we're doing. This is a new pool what we did first one step you did not see is this area here actually had all grass we're going to be doing flowerbed soften up the edges so the customer don't have to see that the fence. When they're enjoying their their pool so you can see this dirt is actually pretty healthy and pretty good I was probably brought in from when the pool was built so it's actually pretty good soil that you can see over here. This is probably before the pool was built this is that Texas clay that definitely needs some amendments. What you can see here is our new pro bed mix that our crew is actually bringing in right now as you speak. It bring it in via we've wheel barrel for backyards so hope we'll be bringing that in through here we'll actually end up back filling this whole flowerbed with pro bed mix not a little trick of the trade. This area we're actually going to do and gravel so because nothing's going to grow back here we don't want spend money on plants just kind of a functional area for the pool equipment. So you don't need to till that area up. It just makes it unlevel so we'll just end up putting the weed mat and come back in through gravel. We do that last so that actually we can get our wheel barrels in through to the area so so a little how to prep a flowerbed or properly prep a flower bed for new landscaping. So give us a call, shoot us an email if you have any questions. Thanks a lot.