Spring has sprung! You’ve probably seen our trucks cruising through your neighborhood getting yards cleaned up, mulched and party ready!

We want you to be aware of a few weeds that we’re seeing in lawns right now.


Known for its yellow flower, this common lawn weed tends to appear in April through June, when its flower head matures and seeds disperse. As a perennial weed, Dandelions will keep coming back if you don’t take measures to control it. The best defense is to maintain a thick, healthy lawn and treat Dandelion with post-emergent, selective, liquid weed control.


Identified by its tiny white flowers, Bittercress is a winter annual weed that emerges in early spring and is especially prevalent after rainy periods because it thrives in wet ground. This tiny, white flowered weed is an annual so if we treat it with a post-emergent before its flowers turn into seed pods, it won’t return next season.


This annual broad leaf weed crops up in early fall and grows through winter. In the spring it blooms pink or purple flowers and has shallow roots that spread aggressively. Henbit can best be managed with pre emergent starting in the fall and post-emergent control now in the spring.

All these weeds can be controlled by post emergent herbicides. Make sure to read the label properly as some herbicides can be harmful to certain north Texas turf types. Always follow the watering instructions for best results!

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