Best Landscaping Company in Plano Texas

Hi, My Name is Matt,

I am the proud owner and operator of College Fund Landscaping. Here at College Fund, we don't think highlighting our strengths is prideful. So here are some reasons why I claim that we are the best landscaping company in Plano, Texas.

#1) We have proven that we do the best job. Many companies may claim to have been in business for a certain number of years, but if they have consistently disappointed clients, there is no way they can claim to be the "best" in their respective local industry. College Fund Landscaping has over 26 positive reviews from clients, averaging 4.7 stars. We have, and continue to do an outstanding service for our clients, and they tell others that!

#2) We do in fact, stay current with our licensing and equipment. You will find few landscaping companies with employees that are 100% legal to work here and carry all the necessary permits for Landscaping (not just cutting grass).  We pride ourselves in taking no shortcuts, this includes proper training of legal, responsible, workers. Our hired hands carry out your orders in a timely and well performed manner. You will get nothing but the best from College Fund when it comes to landscaping in Plano.

#3) Unlike many business owners, I do not just keep all the earnings. I started College Fund in order to fund my own college. Now College Fund Landscaping donates a portion of earnings to local universities in order for students to be able to attend college and further their education and quality of Life. We also have introduced a new scholarship raffle to our existing customers, three lucky winners will be picked!

If you are not convinced, give us a call, and our professional attitude and responsibility will not disappoint you!